To:      All EWMGA Members

Date:   January 1, 2018

From:  Gary Janos, President, EWMGA

It is with great honor that once again I have been elected President of the 2018 Eagle Watch Men's Golf Association.   It’s been a great year for golf and the Eagle Watch Men’s Golf Association is proud of the successful tournaments that this years’ Board has put together!  With approximately 130+ members strong, the MGA chaired 9 tournaments in addition to the infamous weekly Thursday Night Men’s League and overall, turnout was UNBELIEVABLE for every event. 

This year we have the Bloody Mary Open on MOnday the 1st open to all Eagle Watch members.  We still have the St. Paddy's Day Shamrock Shuffle and, rumor has it, we may be changing the format up slightly!  Also coming up is our Premier event, the 2-man Crème of the Crop golf tournament - always a great time!  

Again, the new “2-Man Crème of the Crop” Best Ball Tournament was a HUGE success last year and favored by everyone.   We took our original individual COC event and spun it into a 2-day, 2-man Best Ball Flighted event with our famous “Big C” party held that Friday night plus raffles & skins competitions.  Based on member feedback, this was one of the best tournaments of the year as far as fun, competition and value. 

Thursday Night Men’s League was truly the best EVER on record, averaging about 40+ players each week! Points are awarded each time you were in the money and accumulated throughout the year.  For the Shootout we took the Top 8 Gross and the Top 8 Net winners for the entire year, mixed up the teams and played an 'Alternate Shot' format. Week after week this was a GREAT time. This truly is a great weekly event and we encourage all members to grab a partner, come out and enjoy the camaraderie, weather & competition!

A few more events round out the year – the September “Board Challenge” with our MGA against BridgeMill’s MGA in a match play Ryder Cup event - great times,  great competition. 



December 1st also started the process to elect the new MGA Board of Directors for the 2018 golf season. 

The duties of the EWMGA Board include:

o   Plan and run tournaments for the EWMGA members and their guests

o   Interact with Eagle Watch and Club Corp golf management

o   Work with and support other Eagle Watch associations

o   Promote a spirit of camaraderie amongst the members

Voting concludes on December 22nd, I will be announcing the new Board at that time.


Current Officers & Board Members:







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In closing, please remember to always check our website ( for updates, tournament results and announcements.  This website will give you complete information on tournaments, rules, contacts and more.  We will also use the website for spotlighting the next tournament and will give you the opportunity to sign-up online, along with renewing or joining the MGA at the convenience of your office or your own home. Definitely good stuff.


So overall I want to assure you that the MGA Board will always be fair and consistent in everything they do.  We will be proactive on all of our communication by keeping you abreast of tournaments, social events and organizational updates.  If you have feedback for us, we want to hear it - all we ask is that you keep it constructive and give us a chance to act on it.  Let's have some fun this year - thanks!

Join the 2018 MGA TODAY!  

...Gary Janos

2018 MGA President

404-557-3000 (cell)