Amended January 1, 2017



The name of the organization shall be the Eagle Watch Men’s Golf Association (EWMGA)



The object of the EWMGA shall be to promote and enjoy the game of golf amongst male golfers at the club.



All play shall be governed by local and United States Golf Association rules.



The fiscal year shall be from the first day of January through the last day of December of each year.



Section 1:  The number of EWMGA members shall be left to the discretion of the Board

                   of Directors (Board).  Members shall be male, 18 years of age or older, have

                   an established USGA handicap, and be an active member of the Eagle Watch

                   Golf Club.  Additionally, members of the Bentwater Golf Club (as long as

                   that club remains in the Canongate association) who meet the above criteria

                   can be members of the EWMGA upon application and approval under

                   Article VII herein.


Section 2:  Members of good standing, who continue to meet the membership

                   requirements are automatically entitled to membership for the ensuing

                   year, providing renewal application and dues are received on or before

                   the renewal deadline established by the Board.


Section 3:  Any member can be expelled from the EWMGA by a majority vote of the

                   Board if it appears that his conduct has, or will endanger the good name and

                   character of the EWMGA, or its reputation.  No vote shall be taken until five

                   (5) days after written notice has been given to the member, who shall have

                   the privilege of appearing before the Board in his defense.  He will be

                   allowed to have a member in good standing appear with him on his behalf.


Section 4:  Members in good standing, who continue to meet the membership

                  requirements, are automatically entitled to invite guest(s) to

                  participate in EWMGA events which are designated as open to

                  non-member participation, providing the guest has a current USGA handicap

                  presented to the Tournament Committee prior to the event.



Each member shall pay annual dues in the amount established by the Board.  Dues are to be paid on or before the date established by the Board with a penalty imposed for late payment if established by the Board.



All candidates for membership shall submit an application which must be approved by a EWMGA member in good standing.  Each candidate’s application shall be numbered in sequence by the Membership Chairman. The candidate must receive a majority vote of the Board for membership.



The Board shall be charged with the management and control of the affairs of the organization, approval of the members thereof, selection of its officers and enforcement of all Articles of the Constitution and By-Laws.



The EWMGA Board will consist of thirteen (13) members.  The term of office of each elected Board member will be two (2) years.  The members will serve alternating term periods with five (5) elected one year (starting with the 2007 elections for the 2008 Board) and six (6) elected the following year.  Nominees for election to the Board must be a current member in good standing of the EWMGA.

Nominations for the Board shall be made by a nominating committee appointed by the President.  This committee of three (3) shall consist of either Board members and/or active members of the EWMGA.  The Board will publicize the pending election and solicit the membership for candidate names for submission to the nominating committee.  Any member, other than the nominating committee’s candidates, may also express his desire of candidacy by letter of intent to the nominating committee.  Each newly elected Director will begin his term of office on January 1st.


The nominating committee shall prepare, arrange, and distribute ballots to the membership no later than December 1st of each year.  Voting must be completed by December 20th.  The ballot will contain a space(s) for write-in candidate(s) for each Board opening.


The nominating committee shall count the ballots and announce the results shortly thereafter.  They are also charged to keep confidential the tally of each candidate.



The Board shall meet monthly plus any special meetings called by the President.  Specific rules of order shall be followed at each meeting.  Any Director absent from three (3) consecutive meetings of the Board, without proper notification and good reason approved by the Board, shall be relieved of his office and his place filled at the discretion of the Board for the balance of his term.  The Secretary shall make known, at regular Director’s meetings, the names of all the Directors who have missed three (3) consecutive meetings.  Action must be taken before adjournment.


Section 1:  The Board shall appoint a replacement for any Board member(s) resigning

                   their position(s).


Section 2:  Board members who continually neglect their appointed duties and their

                   responsibilities without valid reason shall be removed from the Board by

                   two-thirds vote of the Board.



The election of Board officers shall be conducted at the January Board meeting.



Section 1:  The President shall preside at all EWMGA Membership and Board

                   meetings and perform all duties as may be incidental to his office.  He will

                   also work with the Board in submitting a proposed budget for the new fiscal

                   year and a final Treasurer’s report for the year ending, both of which will be

                   available to the membership thirty (30) days prior to the general membership



Section 2:  The Vice-President shall perform the duties of the President in his absence.

                   He will also have the following responsibilities:

  • Chairman of the Member/Member tournament.

  • Final authority for interpretations of rules and greens.

  • Chairman of the season’s events booklet/newsletter.

If the President and the Vice-President are both absent, the Secretary will call the meeting to order until a President pro-tem is elected and he shall chair the meeting.

Section 3:  The Secretary will keep a record of all the meetings.  He will also have

                   the following responsibilities:

  • Provide each Director with a copy of the minutes prior to the next meeting.

  • He will issue notices to the membership as requested by the Board.

Section 4:  The Treasurer shall be bonded, keep the accounts of the EWMGA,

                   receive and deposit all money belonging to the EWMGA, and shall pay

                   all bills when properly approved. He shall submit a written report of the

                   financial condition of the EWMGA at each meeting and prepare his

                   books for audit at the end of the calendar year.



The President will appoint from the Board members the following Chairmen, who in turn shall appoint their own committees:


Section 1:  Handicap

                   The Handicap Chairman will:                  

  • Ensure the integrity of all EWMGA member handicaps consistent with Section 8 of “The USGA Handicap System” and all other sections therein. Any violation of the USGA Rules of Golf shall be presented in a timely manner, in writing, to the Handicap Chairman.  He will (a) immediately notify the affected party(s); (b) immediately notify the Board, and (c) consult with the Eagle Watch Golf Club’s Head Professional to resolve the issue.  In all instances, the involved party(s) shall have the privilege of private counsel     with the Handicap Chairman, the Club Head Professional, and, if desired, the Board prior to any published resolution of the matter.  The decision of the EWMGA, in concert with the Club Head Professional, shall be deemed to be final.

Section 2:  Membership

                   The Membership Chairman will:

  • Keep an accurate roster of the names and addresses of all EWMGA members.

  • Keep an accurate sequential listing by date of all applications received by the Chairman of all prospective new members.

  • Provide the membership with a complete updated roster/directory on a quarterly basis or as needed.

Section 3:  Tournaments

                  The Tournament Chairman will:

  • Plan the monthly schedule of tournaments, subject to the approval of the Board, including but not limited to; format, special rules, if any, entry fees, deadlines, and premium fees, for the review and approval of the Board.

  • Publish and distribute, in advance, all approved tournament information to the membership via the website, monthly newsletter, and/or other appropriate means.

  • Administer all special tournaments, to include securing tee times, players, and determining winners.

  • Shall provide the Secretary with a composite list of all prize winners for the season.

  • Be in charge of all publicity pertaining to the tournament.

  • Coordinate the prize list for each tournament.  All tournament prizes will be in the form of Eagle Watch Pro Shop gift certificates redeemable for merchandise only.

  • Post the prize list prior to the tournament.  Provide for prizes within the confines of the calendar budget and approval of the Board.



Any member having complaints or suggestions as to the management of the EWMGA must do so in writing to the President of the Board who will present them to the Board for review, discussion and action, as deemed appropriate.



It is understood that the EWMGA will function in accordance with the practices instituted by the Eagle Watch Golf Club in Woodstock, Georgia for their mutual benefits.



Section 1:  All proposed amendments and revisions to the Constitution and By-Laws of

                   the EWMGA shall be presented in writing to the Board.  The Board will

                   review and discuss the proposals and determine, by a two-thirds vote, those

                   which are considered consistent with the spirit of the EWMGA and in the

                   best interests of the membership and the Eagle Watch Golf Club.  The

                   Board will present the proposed amendment to the EWMGA membership

                   at either a designated General Membership meeting or by alternate

                   electronic means for approval or disapproval.  A majority vote of the

                   members at the General Membership meeting or votes received from the

                   electronic means will determine the disposition of the proposed amendment.


Section 2:   All approved amendments will be published and become effective thirty

                    (30) days following the final voting as described in Article XVI, Section 1